Strategic Plan

Keystone's Strategic Plan

Keystone constructed a strategic plan to guide our District's decision making, identifying numerous goals as well as outlining the tools needed to ensure these goals come to fruition. 
Click on the presentation to view our plan: Keystone's Strategic Plan

Our Core Beliefs

  • All students are capable of learning   
  • We are strong and will rise to expectations  
  • We will provide a safe, healthy, and accepting environment    
  • Everyone will be treated with dignity and respect
  • We believe in a positive partnership between school and home.
  • Our students will understand their options and be prepared for their futures
  • Our curriculum is rigorous and proactive

Our Vision

We are Keystone, cultivating innovative leaders for tomorrow’s world.

Our Mission

We are Keystone, where education for tomorrow starts today.

Target Areas

  • Facilities
  • Whole Child
  • Community PRIDE
  • Personnel
  • Technology