Keystone's KeyCare Before and After School Program

*Please read the following information. The forms that need to be completed are at the bottom of the page. Completed forms may be emailed to or can be dropped off to the school offices.

We are pleased to announce that Key Care is for all Keystone student’s kindergarten through eighth grade, a before and after school child care program, will begin on the first day of school. Childcare will be available for KEYSTONE ELEMENTARY STUDENTS from 6:30 – 9:00 A.M. AND 3:30 – 6:00PM, and for KEYSTONE MIDDLE SCHOOL STUDENTS from 6:30 – 7:40 A.M. and 2:40 – 6:00 P.M.The purpose of Key Care is to provide a safe and enjoyable child care environment. Qualified staff have been hired. There is free choice of activities available for your child, such as games, homework assistance and group activities. The direct telephone number to KEY CARE IS 440-355-2324.You may arrange care for your children during part or all of the above mentioned times. Perhaps you only need child care two mornings or afternoons per week, or perhaps your work schedule changes each week. Key Care hopefully has the flexibility to meet your needs. The SCHOOL MUST be notified by a parent for ANY CHANGES made to schedules. A student’s verbal notice is NOT ACCEPTABLE.

Since Key Care must be self-supporting, the cost of this PRE-PAID child care is a $5.00 flat rate for the AM and a $5.00 flat rate for the PM Sessions. Parents are asked to pay in ADVANCE.Payments can be made by checks, on-line, money orders and cash. CASH PAYMENTS MUST BE IN AN ENVELOPE WITH THE CHILD’S NAME, DATE AND THE PARENTS NAME. CHECK PAYMENTS NEED TO HAVE THE CHILD’S FIRST AND LAST NAME IN THE MEMO AREA OF THE CHECK.

KEYCARE ACCOUNT BALANCES - Any account that has a balance of $50.00 and over that child/children WILL NOT BE PERMITTED to attend the Keycare Program until account is paid in full. Payments can be made directly to the Key-Care staff or the Elementary School office when Key Care is not open. Payments can also be made online (Directions enclosed in this packet). We are a pre-paid program therefore ALL accounts need to be paid in full by the last day of school. Prices for payments not made by the end of the school year are subject to price increases (if applicable) the following SCHOOL YEAR.

You may enroll your child in Key Care at any time during the year. Our Key-Care workers must know in advance which children will be attending the program on a given day.

*As of now, Keycare will be in the gym like in the past.  However, the shared toys carts won’t be able to be used (due to covid) but the kids are welcome to bring some toys from home for their own personal use as well as they can use their personal electronic devices.  At this time students are not required to wear masks while in Keycare but masks are strongly recommended but not mandated.

****AFTER 6:00 P.M****
Per our principal’s office, and backed by the Board of Education, beginning on June 3 rd 2015, a new school policy is in effect for students not picked up by 6:00 P.M. For any student/s remaining after 6:00
P.M. there will be a late fee. The fee charged to parents is, $10.00 for every fifteen minutes late. AND it MUST be paid in full before the next visit to Key Care. After 2 hours (8:00P.M.) the police will be called.
EXAMPLE: 6:00-6:15PM = $10.00 (15MIN)
6:15-6:30PM ANOTHER $10.00 is charged
6:30-6:45PM ANOTHER $10.00 is charged





1.      Key Care is closed whenever school is closed due to snow or other calamity.  Key Care will follow the school calendar.  If school is cancelled, Key Care is cancelled.

2.      Key Care is located and accessed using the elementary school gym.  During the time frame of 8:20am-8:45am please bring your child to the KES cafeteria doors when dropping them off this is only for the AM session.

3.      Parents must come in to the drop off/pick up door with their child EVERYDAY and make sure their child gets signed in on the sign-in sheets in the A.M. as well as you MUST sign them OUT in the PM on the attendance forms located in the gym.

4.      Children will only be released to the parent or the other individuals listed on the Key Care Information form.  OUR KEY CARE WORKERS WILL ASK TO SEE IDENTIFICATION.

5.      Snack will be provided before and after school

6.      Parents should give notice whenever there are any schedule changes for Key Care.  A NOTE IS NECESSARY for any changes.  A child’s verbal notice WILL NOT be accepted.  The safety of the child is always the main concern of our staff.  Whenever in doubt, the child will stay.


8.      Emergency Medical Authorization cards will be kept on file in the Key Care Program.  Parents MUST fill them out annually and return them to Key Care as soon as possible.

9.       Any student not picked up in the care rider line on time is automatically sent to Key Care.  Any student bus rider, when the bus driver sees that no one is home and can’t drop the child off, will bring the student back to the school to Key Care.

10.  If there are changes in your schedule, you must NOTIFY KEYCARE OR THE SCHOOL, if Keycare has not been notified, we must go by your original Keycare Paperwork Schedule that you have turned into us. The Direct Number to Keycare is 440-355-2324.

KeyCare Forms