Student Safety

Keeping students safe is a priority at Keystone, and we are committed to continuing the many safety and preventative measures we have in place as well as seeking and implementing new measures as they become available. 

We have numerous programs and security measures in place to address school safety. We have a counselor at every school to handle student issues as well as parent concerns. We also have a partnership with Bellefaire, an agency that provides a variety of behavioral health, substance abuse, education, and prevention services. 

In addition to these mental health resources, we full-time employ a School Resource Officer. The officer is present at every school on a daily basis, and students and parents can confidentially report any concerning behavior to him personally or to our anonymous tip line at 440-759-2043. 

Throughout the school day, we have single-point entry systems in which all school visitors must be buzzed in by office staff.  We also have cameras in all of our buildings, so we can be proactive in identifying any issues. In addition, police officers are present at many of our sporting events, such as varsity basketball and football games. 

In addition to our mental health resources, school resource officer, and security measures, we also hold many preventive programs for our students, including a variety of anti-bullying workshops and the DARE program, among numerous others. 

Student safety is our #1 priority, and our lines of communication with students, parents, and community are always open. We encourage all members of our District to work as a family to promote, create, and ensure a safe learning environment for all Keystone students. If you have any questions or concerns about student safety at Keystone, please contact me or any of the school administrators. 


Dan White
Keystone Superintendent