Our Mission

We are Keystone, where education for tomorrow starts today.

About Us

Keystone's commitment to excellence is exemplified in our mission statement, vision statement, and core values. By working collaboratively, assiduously, and as a team, staff developed a vision for our District's future.

Our vision is to empower students and community to be trusted, passionate, and innovative global citizens committed to excellence. Our mission is to provide students with the tools necessary to be global thinkers and successful lifelong learners through the delivery of relevant content via quality instruction. To achieve these goals, we will continue our commitment to the values of integrity, hard-work, positivity, compassion, unity, accountability, and passion.

As we work collaboratively to achieve these goals, our District’s success will continue to flourish, and we will strengthen the foundation on which Keystone is established.

Our Vision

We are Keystone, cultivating innovative leaders for tomorrow’s world.

Our Beliefs

  1. All students are capable of learning
  2. We are strong and will rise to expectations
  3. We will provide a safe, healthy, and accepting environment
  4. Everyone will be treated with dignity and respect
  5. We believe in a positive partnership between school and home.
  6. Our students will understand their options and be prepared for their futures
  7. Our curriculum is rigorous and proactive

Our Core Values

  • Integrity: We will be honest, ethical, and do what is right.
  • Hard-work: We will exude grit, perseverance, and dedication in all of our actions.
  • Positivity: We will be positive and solution oriented. 
  • Compassion: We will be caring, empathetic, and genuine.
  • Unity: We will selflessly work together as a team.
  • Accountability: We will take responsibility for our actions and their outcomes.
  • Passion: We will be enthusiastic and dedicated to our profession.