Board of Education

Keystone's Board of Education members are committed to furthering the success of the Keystone District.

Keystone Local School District - Board of Education

NEW PHOTO coming soon: Patricia Wakefield, Andy Hoops, Kim Sturgill, Carrie O'Boyle, Devin Stang

Photo of Patricia Wakefield

Patricia Wakefield

Board Member

Board Term: January 2000 to present

Photo of Carrie O'Boyle

Carrie O'Boyle

Vice President

Board Term: January 2018 to present

Photo of Devin Stang

Devin Stang

Board Member

Board Term: November 2018-Present

Photo of Kim Sturgill

Kim Sturgill


Board Member: January 2020-Present

Photo of Andy Hoops

Andy Hoops

Board Member

Board Term: Beginning April 9, 2024