Board of Education

Keystone's Board of Education members are committed to furthering the success of the Keystone District.  

New Photo Coming Soon to Include Andy Hoops

Keystone Local School District - Board of Education

NEW PHOTO coming soon (updated with Andy Hoops) (L to R) Treasurer Adam Hines, Kim Sturgill, Carrie O'Boyle, Devin Stang, Patricia Wakefield, Jennifer Maiden, Superintendent Dan White

Photo of Patricia Wakefield

Patricia Wakefield

Board Member

Board Term: January 2000 to present

Photo of Carrie O'Boyle

Carrie O'Boyle

Vice President

Board Term: January 2018 to present

Photo of Devin Stang

Devin Stang

Board Member

Board Term: November 2018-Present

Photo of Kim Sturgill

Kim Sturgill


Board Member: January 2020-Present

Photo of Andy Hoops

Andy Hoops

Board Member

Board Term: Beginning April 9, 2024