Steps to Obtain a Work Permit

The steps provided below can also be accessed in PDF format @ WORK PERMIT INSTRUCTIONS.

  1. Print the work permit application from our website @ APPLICATION FOR MINOR WORK PERMIT
  2. Student completes the top part and has a parent/guardian sign it. (NO other signature is required at this time)
  3. Employer completes the bottom part. The 4 boxes MUST contain only one number per box. **If the employer uses hyphenated numbers or words it cannot be processed!
  4. Page two needs a physician to complete and sign! IF the student has a current (within one year) physical on file with our athletic director or band director, we can have them sign off on it, and you will not need to take it to a doctor.
  5. Bring the application to the high school office (during summer take to the Board of Education). Students can drop the application off in the morning, and they will pick up at the end of their school day.
  6. All of the information on the application must be submitted to the State of Ohio’s website and that will generate the actual work permit.
    *Student MUST sign the permit in the office.