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Celebrating Keystone’s Social Worker Sarah McCall

Celebrating Keystone’s Social Worker Sarah McCall

It's National School Social Work Week, and we would like to express our gratitude to our District’s own amazing, dedicated, compassionate, and hard-working Social Worker Sarah McCall.  School social workers’ impact on social/emotional and academic development cannot be overstated; they go beyond the classroom to investigate the root cause of a student's academic and behavioral challenges, assisting students with behavioral, emotional, and developmental challenges. They liaise with the school and parents to provide assistance and support to help the student achieve academic excellence and emotional wellbeing.

Sarah’s impact on our District is best represented in the praise and complements from her coworkers!

Sarah does a great job as a district representative to the K. E. Y. Collaborative. ~Dan White, Superintendent

Sarah, I am thankful every day for who you are and all that you do for our students and staff!  Whether it's helping manage a mental health crisis, working to connect students and families with needed services, being a go-to for staff about student challenges, or helping keep us positive and laughing, you do far more than anyone could begin to imagine or realize.  Thank you for being amazing!! ~Patrick Gallion, KHS Counselor

Sarah McCall has been an amazing addition to KLSD. She brings an energy to our building that allows students to open up and accept the help she offers. I am so glad that she chose KLSD, and I truly appreciate the time she pours into our students. ~James Kohler, KHS Principal

I appreciate and enjoy collaborating with Sarah. Her genuine care and concern for our students and families shines through every day! ~Anita Franklin, Behavior Specialist

Sarah does such an amazing job caring for the littles at KES! We appreciate all she does for them and for their families. We are so happy to have you in the Wildcat family!!! ~Kristin Lazard, KES School Counselor

Sarah’s ability to develop a ROX group here at KMS is so vital for our students! It is such an awesome group for our young ladies who will feel more empowered under your leadership!! ~Gina Gibson, KMS Principal

I have worked with "good" social workers but Mrs. McCall is a great one.  I am continually impressed with her ability to forge relationships with not only our students of KLSD but also the families.  Being a social worker is often a thankless job but I want to recognize Sarah for the amazing things that she does to assist our families and with us here at KHS.  Thank you for all that you do Mrs. McCall!!! ~John Brown, KHS Assistant Principal

Sarah wears so many hats within the district from mental health advocate to food assistance provider. She faces each challenging situation with a calm, steady, student centered approach and works to identify the root cause of the issue. She truly goes above and beyond on a daily basis! ~Nikki Campbell, Director of Pupil Services

Sarah – we are so lucky to have you onsite to support all of our Wildcats!! We are so grateful for your assistance in helping our students and families on their journey to success! ~Suzanne Atkinson, KHS Counselor