Fund Availability in Lunch Accounts

Fund Availability in Lunch Accounts

When you are using, the updating of your child’s meal account is dependent on the time the funds are submitted. Therefore, the best time to add money online would be after 3pm the prior day through 9am on the day you want the funds posted.  PayForIt does not update funds in your child’s account during the lunch times of 10am-2pm. The funds will be available after 2pm on the day the payment is submitted.

 Additionally, if the internet is down or offline due to any reason, same-day payments will not be available in your child’s account.

 Should either of these instances occur, you can use the following options:

1.   Send your child with cash or a check

2.   Students can charge up to five breakfasts and lunches, equaling,

-$23.25 at KES

-$24.25 at KMS and KHS

3.   The student is not turned down for school breakfast or lunch.

4.   However, the charging of meals does NOT apply to a-la-carte items, such as snacks or drinks other than the milk provided with the school meal.