School Quarantine Guidance

School Quarantine Guidance

Quarantine procedures can be ambiguous and hard to understand. Please use the points below to learn about the correct and necessary steps for quarantine in schools. 

Regardless of symptoms or mask, students testing positive for COVID must quarantine for ten days. They cannot come to school.

If a student was exposed to an individual in school who tested positive for COVID, he/she may remain in school ONLY if he/she wears a mask AND is asymptomatic. This student may also participate in extracurricular activities as long as he/she wears a mask as much as possible (during the extracurricular activity) and tests negative prior to the activity.

Students exposed to an individual outside of school who tested positive for COVID may come to school with a mask as long as they are asymptomatic. However, they cannot participate in extracurricular activities until the quarantine period is over.

*Please note: The Ohio Department of Health is no longer providing at-home COVID testing kits to Ohio Schools. Our District has a minimal number of kits left. The Elyria Library and Walgreens presently have testing kits available if you are in need.