Urgent Need for Substitutes

Urgent Need for Substitutes

Across the nation, school districts are in desperate need of substitute staff and bus drivers. The significance of this need is shown as Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker announced he is activating the National Guard to help with school transportation. Our nation has never seen a shortage this substantial.

Here in Lorain County, our substitute numbers are staggeringly low. Generally, there are more than 170 substitutes for the county; we only have 57 this year.  In the elementary, middle, and high school combined, we only have 7 permanent substitutes whereas last year we had 12. 

Please consider becoming a permanent substitute at Keystone. This means that you are guaranteed work five days a week at $120 a day. We understand that you may have weekly or bi-weekly commitments, and we can accommodate your schedule accordingly. The work hours for substitute teachers at each school are as follows:

  • Keystone Elementary 8:15-3:45
  • Keystone Middle 7:25-2:55
  • Keystone High 7:10-2:40

Qualifications for substitute teachers, mandated by the State, include a Bachelor’s Degree, and BCI/FBI background check. Contact Pam Gamble at the Education Service Center (ESC) at 440-324-5777 ext. 1113 to apply for substitute teaching positions. 

To become a substitute for our  transportation team, a CDL license is preferred; however, if you do not have one, we will pay for training. In addition, you need to have a BCI/FBI background check and clean driving record. Depending on experience, drivers are paid between $14.90-$16.16 per hour. Most route times are 6am to 9:15am  and 2:15pm to 5pm. To apply, call Therese Jackson at 440-355-2411 or email her at therese.jackson@keystoneschools.org. 

Please consider becoming a part of the Keystone family in this capacity and providing vital services to our students.