Three Decades of Service at Keystone

Three Decades of Service at Keystone

Deb Krolczyk and her retirement gift, Walter!

After thirty-two years of outstanding service at Keystone Schools, sixth-grade Science Teacher Deb Krolczyk is retiring at the conclusion of this school year. In total, she has nearly 40 years of experience in the field of education. Before serving in her present position, she was an eighth-grade science teacher for 20 years!

Krolczyk began working at Keystone in 1989. Throughout her years at KMS, she was a sixth, seventh, and eighth grade teacher. As a seventh-grade teacher, she taught every subject area! She followed this model of teaching variety, and as an eighth-grade teacher, she taught language arts, science, and history. She also developed a communications class and implemented a Peer Mediation group. She states, “When our former eighth grade science teacher retired, I moved into Middle School Science where I found my passion. Throughout the following years, I developed and ran a student-run Technology Team, coached our Middle School Science Olympiad Teams, and served as supervisor for both Student Council and Youth 4 Youth.” She adds, “After I spent my first day at Keystone Middle School, I was hooked!”

Reflecting on her career at Keystone, she fondly remembers “being one of the first three teachers in the middle school to get a computer. I had to ask the kids to help me set it up. Then, they had to show me how to turn it on! Wow…how things have changed!”

Krolczyk adds, “I will greatly miss the Middle School team. I have worked with such amazing people over the past 32 years. The staff has changed over the years, but the positive attitudes, senses of humor and constant support for our students has never changed. For me, there has been nothing better than being In the Middle!”

Upon her retirement, her plans include winning the lottery, going whale watching, and traveling to the Island of Montserrat!  If these plans don’t materialize, she will continue her love of gardening, crafting, and going to the Garden City Beach.

As she retires, she wants to express her gratitude for the people who impacted her professional and personal life. “My husband Dennis has always been there to encourage me and lend his support. He has allowed me to volunteer him as a coach and a chaperone more times than I can count! My son Nick been a great support too, bringing me snacks while I work, giving me hugs for support and offering lab ideas - many of which probably wouldn’t be so good in the classroom setting! Last but not least, I would like to thank Toni Filut. She is an amazing administrator. I am amazed at all she does. She is constantly working and yet she always has time for her staff and students.”

Of having the pleasure to work with Deb Krolczyk, Keystone Middle School Principal Toni Filut states, “Deb Krolczyk embodies the spirit of being a middle school teacher. Throughout her years she has definitely brought many smiles and laughs to KMS.  Her dedication to her students and the endless hours she puts into creating lessons that reach all learners is never ending.  I remember a few years ago when she was out shopping and someone assisted her with a shopping cart, Deb reached into her pocket and gave the person a KMS PRIDE ticket...she truly never leaves her work at school.  Deb has truly impacted so many lives and her genuine personality will forever be part of her legacy at KMS.”

Congratulations on your retirement Deb!