Coronavirus Questions & Answers

Coronavirus Questions & Answers

Q. What safety measures are in place at Keystone?


Our safety measures include spatial barriers, face mask requirements, plexiglass, social distancing, and cleaning protocols.  


Q. Will we be contacted if someone tests positive at Keystone?

Early each week, I will send communication and share with you any positive cases at Keystone. Legally, however, due to privacy laws, we cannot give the name, grade level, or any other identifiable information concerning positive results. 

Q. Will I know the number of positive cases at Keystone?

The number of cases can be considered identifiable information and has the potential to violate privacy laws.

Upon recommendation from the Lorain County Health Commissioner Dave Covell, we will not provide specific numbers.  Covell stated that case numbers are not representative of the cases spread at the school.

For example, individuals may gather at an event outside of school in which 5 people contract/spread the virus. This could lead to the assumption that the virus is spreading at school when in reality it is not.

We will always follow Covell’s guidance and recommendations in all situations related to the Coronavirus and the health and safety of our students.

Q. What if someone tests positive in my child’s class? 

The purpose of the safety measures is to safeguard against the spread of the virus. If a student tests positive, it does not mean it will spread in the school if everyone follows the safety protocols. 

When there is a positive case with an exposure risk, the Lorain County Health Department will contact you if quarantine is necessary.

Q. What should I do if my child tests positive?

Any person testing positive must quarantine until cleared to return to school. The Health Department created a DECISION TREE to address these questions. View this document @

Q. Do I need to keep my child home if they have just one or a few mild   
    symptoms? How do I know the difference between a regular cough, cold,
    flu and coronavirus?

The Lorain County Health Department addresses these questions @  

Q. Have there been any positive cases within the District?

Yes. These cases have been addressed in the manner described in the previous questions.

Q. How do I prepare my student for the new safety mandates at school?

Navigate to This site shows the proper way to wear a mask and also offers ways to prepare your child for school.

Talk to your child about their roles and responsibilities concerning safety measures both in and outside of school. 

PLEASE stress to your child the mindset that anyone they come in contact with, whether during or after school, is a carrier of Coronavirus. 

The Lorain County Health Department has this information and more on their website @

I am very thankful for our continued partnership with the Keystone community and appreciate your support during this time.