Restart Guide FAQ's

Restart Guide FAQ's

*Click on the following document to view questions as a PDF: 2020-21 School Restart Guide FAQ's

Are there cleaning protocols in place for the general buildings and grounds, classrooms, offices, etc.?

Yes. Protocols have been developed and are in compliance with current orders from the Lorain County Board of Public Health (LCPH). In addition, we have stocked an inventory of needed materials and chemicals to clean and disinfect. Items such as hand sanitizer and hand sanitizing stations have been ordered. All custodians and cleaners will be trained on cleaning protocols. Disinfectants will be available in each classroom for use by teachers and others in between scheduled cleaning. Teachers will also be instructed in proper cleaning protocols.

What happens if a student or staff member becomes ill while at school?

Any student or staff member who develops COVID-19 symptoms while at school will be quarantined in a designated quarantine room until a parent or guardian arrives to pick them up from school. The ill student or staff member will be required to wear a mask unless other health issues prevent it.

Any staff member that develops COVID-19 symptoms while at school will be sent home immediately. Steps will be taken to limit exposure to others, including the wearing of a mask unless other health issues prevent it.

*All exposed areas will be immediately cleaned and disinfected. Students may need to leave their classrooms while cleaning occurs.

How will students who are not sick but need medical attention in another way be treated?

Students who are sick or injured, not related to COVID-19 will be treated by the school nurse or clinic aide with normal standards of care.

How will parents/guardians be kept informed of any changes?

Information will be shared in parent/guardian updates through school messenger and posted on the parent tab of the school website and on our social media accounts.

Will you rotate staff and have students stay in a single room?

Building plans will be put in place. However, know that the middle school and high school students will be rotating to different classes. We will be staggering students in the halls to reduce the number of students in the hall at one time.

Can my child come in for electives such as band and choir?

Although the online curriculum for option 2 does not offer band and choir electives, it does offer a plethora of other electives including music appreciation. Since the curriculum offers electives, you must choose an elective from the digital academy. If your child returns after first semester, they will be given a period in their schedule to finish this elective for credit.

AP courses are not offered through the digital academy. How can my child participate in AP, CCP and Honor’s courses?

Since AP, CCP and Honors courses are not offered digitally and there is nothing offered for your child to earn that credit digitally, your child may come in for the AP, CCP or Honors course they are taking.

Will my child’s digital academy teacher be the same teacher if they return?

No. We will have a designated staff member for the digital academy that is different from our face-to-face teachers. It is unrealistic to expect our teachers to provide quality instruction in both face-to-face and digital classrooms at the same time, without providing them time for the digital classroom.

 If my child chooses the digital academy, can my child still participate in extra-curricular activities?


If more than 25 % of children choose online, does everyone go remote?

No. There will still be face-to-face. However, we will then arrange for our teachers to have time in their schedules to provide instruction via Google Classroom at this point. Our purpose of using the option 2 is to keep our teacher schedules as a full day of face-to-face instruction and reduce class sizes to help implement safety measures. If our percentage is higher, we will then provide teachers time throughout their day to provide face-to-face instruction as well as manage online courses.

If we choose the online option, does my child have to be logged in for the normal school hours?

No. Your child just needs to make sure the time and effort is being put into their assignments. They will receive a grade.

Where can I find more information about the curriculum for Edmentum?

Course Catalog (6-12):

Course Catalog (K-5):

What if my child is on an IEP and wants to do online learning?

Please contact Nikki Campbell, Director of Pupil Services to help answer specific questions.