Keystone Succeeds on Rigorous State Report Card

Keystone Succeeds on Rigorous State Report Card

Keystone Schools’ tradition of excellence is exemplified on this year’s state report card as the District scored alongside the best in the county on several State Achievement Indicators, outscored the state average on all tests, earned a 100% in the Gap Closing category, and exceeded progress goals outlined by the Department of Education.  

The State Achievement Indicator(1) score is comprised of 21 assessments, covering English, mathematics, science, and social studies. Keystone outscored the state average on ALL 21 tests by an average of 13%. This includes scores near the best in the county in fourth grade Math, eighth grade Science, English Language Arts I, Algebra I, US Government, and US History.

Keystone’s Gap Closing(2) grade was a perfect 100%. Gap Closing is a measure of student performance among all subgroups(3). This perfect score means that students met the state goal in English Language Arts and Math for all subgroups within the District.

In addition, the District earned an “A” in the Progress Category(4).  The State determines the measure of progress each student should make on a yearly basis. The “A” rating is earned when the vast majority of students meet the State progress goal. The District earned an “A” in the 4 and 5-year Graduation Rate(5) as well. These scores, when combined with all other component areas, earned the District an overall “B” rating. 

Superintendent Dan White comments, “The Keystone family rises above this year as shown in our State Report Card scores. I am so proud of our students and staff. We are truly fulfilling our mission to provide students with the tools necessary to be global thinkers and successful lifelong learners. To achieve these goals, we will continue our commitment to the values of integrity, hard-work, positivity, compassion, unity, accountability, and passion. While our success is shown on our results, we know that the dedication and compassion our staff has for our students cannot be measured on any assessment and we recognize that our students are so much more than just test scores. They are all unique learners with individual needs, strengths, and backgrounds.”

Dave Kish, Curriculum Coordinator, adds, “Our District’s continuing progress is impressive, and I am proud of the teachers and support staff who work together to make this happen, in partnership with our hard-working and dedicated students. The support of our parents and community is also integral to our success and for that we are very grateful.”

Measures of Performance

  1. Achievement Indicators: How many students passed the state tests? How high did the students score on the tests?
  2. Gap Closing: Is every student succeeding, regardless of income, race, ethnicity, or disability?
  3. Subgroups: Include economically disadvantaged, students with disabilities, varying ethnicities, and all students.
  4. Progress: Did students make at least one full year of progress as defined by the state?
  5. Graduation Rate: The percentage of students who are successfully finishing high school with a diploma in four or five years.

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