Google Classroom Instructions

We strongly encourage you to use the PDF document below to learn how to access Clever and use Google Classroom. The document has images to accompany the directions that are also available below.


Logging in to Clever & Google Classroom

  1. Go to
  2. Hover over "Students" in the top banner
  3. Click Clever and then click Log in with Google
  4. Enter in your School Email address
    ( (ex:
  5. Enter in your Email Password (schoolnumber-OO)  (ex:123456-OO).
    Please note that after the - we use the letter CAPITAL O
    *If students have not used Clever at home before, they might need to click on the link to “Get Clever Chrome Extension" which is at the top of the page when they login in order for them to access some applications.
  6. Once you login to Clever, click on the green Google Classroom icon under "Academic Apps."
    *If this is your first time logging in to Google Classroom, you will reenter your username and password you used for Clever. You MAY be prompted to pick a user to login. If you see this, click on your child's school username/email.
  7. Once you are logged in, you will be directed to a page that has any classroom you have already joined.
  8. To join a NEW classroom, click the plus sign near the top right of your screen and enter in the classroom code. You will then be taken to your teacher's classroom page.
  9. The classroom homepage will have your teacher’s directions, assignments, and more. Use the top three tabs, Stream, Classwork, and People to view more.

Students can access Google Classroom using either Xbox or PS4 gaming systems. The three links below explain how students may utilize this option. It would be easier for students to navigate with a keyboard attached to their console, however they are able to use their game controller if a keyboard is not available.

Additional Resources Available @