Board of Education People

Photo of Tina Bednarski

Tina Bednarski

Treasurer's Assistant / District EMIS Coordinator

Adam Hines

Chief Financial Officer

Photo of Jennifer Maiden

Jennifer Maiden

Board Member

Board Term: 2022-Present Jennifer Maiden has been teaching grades 7-12 for 24 years ...

Photo of Cindy Miller

Cindy Miller

Treasurer's Assistant

Photo of Jamie Myers

Jamie Myers

Payroll Specialist

Photo of Carrie O'Boyle

Carrie O'Boyle

Vice President

Board Term: January 2018 to present

Photo of Devin Stang

Devin Stang

Board Member

Board Term: November 2018-Present

Photo of Kim Sturgill

Kim Sturgill


Board Member: January 2020-Present

Photo of Patricia Wakefield

Patricia Wakefield

Board Member

Board Term: January 2000 to present