Complaint Process

Complaint Process

Constructive criticism of the District is welcomed by the Board of Education.  Although no member of the community is denied the right to bring his/her complaints to the Board, he/she is referred to the proper administrative channels for solution before investigation or action by the Board. 

The Board believes that complaints and grievances are best handled and resolved as close to their origin as possible. 

1.   The staff should be given the opportunity to consider the issues and attempt to resolve the problems prior to involvement by the Board. 

2.   The proper channeling of complaints involving instruction, discipline or learning materials is employee, principal, the Superintendent and then the Board.

Thus, at our Board of Education meetings, we ask that you follow the process concerning complaints and/or grievances outlined above. Access the document to file a complaint @ KLD Complaint Form. Should a complaint be made at a Board meeting, we will direct you to the complaint form that is available at each meeting. Thank you for your understanding and compliance with this process.