Support Staff Member of the Year

Support Staff Member of the Year

Deb Albrecht: Support Staff Member of the Year

Congratulations to Deb Albrecht as she has been named Keystone’s Support Staff Member of the Year! Deb is entering into her 25th year of service at our District! She is Keystone Elementary School’s library professional and is in charge of scheduling substitute teachers.

Deb states, “I am so grateful to work at Keystone. I live in Lagrange, I grew up here, and attended school at Keystone K-12 and graduated in 1981. My parents and my family also attended school here.  I'm truly a life-long Wildcat!”

Her nominators describe her as a phenomenal staff member.  “She works tirelessly, making sure that every single child at KES gets up to five books a week, while keeping up with 30 homerooms of students during library time. In addition to this full-time job, Deb is also our sub caller, and there are no words to sum up what she does for this position. Every day, she fills staff absences with substitute teachers, often having to get quite creative! She deals with these challenges with a smile and somehow NEVER complains.”

Of earning this distinction, Deb states, “I truly enjoy being in the Media Center at KES. This job gives me the opportunity to watch the students grow and change during their elementary years. I am always trying to bring new and exciting things into our media center to engage our students. This past school year, I was given the opportunity to incorporate STEM into their library time. I feel truly blessed that I was given this job to watch the students at KES learn to become fantastic readers and show their creativity through their STEM challenges.”

Congratulations Deb on this outstanding achievement!