STEM Club Destined for Greatness

STEM Club Destined for Greatness

Competing in the regional Destination Imagination competition, three teams from Keystone Middle School’s STEM Club impressed attendees and judges alike. Along with the other nine different counties in attendance, teams chose from one of six challenges, each requiring students to create a presentation with a solution to a proposed problem.

Eighth graders Gwen Johnson and Ava Reed competed in the Service Learning Challenge, which is “designed to engage students in public service that addresses real-life community issues.” Gwen and Ava chose to support the ASCPA, an organization devoted to stopping animal cruelty.  The girls conducted an online fundraiser, setting a goal of $375 and surpassing this goal by raising $555.  Their work earned them SECOND PLACE in the competition!  Gwen and Ava will continue this fundraiser through May. Donate @

Kaden Hetsler, Kat Braden, Evander Fedor, and Patrick Cahill competed in the Technical Challenge by using engineering, research, and strategic planning skills.  They designed and built an aircraft to take off, fly, land, and deliver a team-created payload; they also constructed a narrative to accompany the aircraft.

Eighth graders Bella Minisall and Andrea Whitman also chose to compete in the Technical Challenge, earning THIRD PLACE in the competition!

Club members also participated in an Instant Challenge, in which they generated an on-the-spot solution to a given problem

STEM Club Advisor Jacki Daymut states, “All of the students should be extremely proud of their efforts and success. Students learned a lot about their specific project while working as a team and continuously solving problems along the way.  I am very excited to see how our students will do next year in the Destination Imagination competition after their experiences this year.”

Daymut adds, “I would like to thank Dave Kish, Kristen Lazard, Kim Sturgill, Jill Hetsler, Allison Johnson, Katie Braden, and Michelle Whitman for volunteering their time and assisting in numerous facets of the competition.”