Free School Meals

Free School Meals

* Scroll down for information concerning nutrition.

Breakfast and lunch will be provided for online learners.

In order to receive these meals, VIRTUAL learners must fill out a weekly sign up form by Tuesday at noon. The form is a necessity so that we can ensure proper ordering, and so that our cafeteria staff packs the correct number of meals. Additionally, food must be ordered from our distributors a week in advance.

Food must be picked up between 9:15am and 10:30am on Thursday OR Friday of each week. You will select your pickup date each time you submit the meal form.

To pick up your items, please drive behind the elementary school and go past the playground. After receiving your items, you will be directed by our staff to the exit. 

*PLEASE NOTE: The form cannot be submitted for multiple weeks at a time. A form must be filled out by TUESDAY of each week.

The form will be deactivated every Tuesday at noon. A new form will be activated every Friday at noon.

If a meal form is filled out, but the meals are not picked up, you will not be able to order a meal for the following week.

The first meal form deadline is Tuesday, Sept 29 at noon. Meals will be distributed on Thursday, Oct 1 and Friday, Oct 2 from 9:15-10:30. If you have any questions, please feel free to call Food Service Supervisor Jody White at 440-355-2389.

*The deadline, for Tuesday, Dec 8, is being extended to 8pm tomorrow evening.

Virtual Learners Weekly Meal Sign Up

The USDA announced free breakfast and lunch for all students. Free breakfast items include two grains, fruit, and a milk.

Lunch includes one meat/meat alternative (yogurt or cheese), a fruit, vegetable, grain, and milk. If you pack a lunch, and you need an individual item, such as a milk, it will need to be purchased for .50. A la carte items are not included.