Dennis Walter


Dennis has been a part of the Keystone community his entire life, starting first grade at LaGrange School and graduating Keystone High School in 1962.

In 1996, Dennis graduated from Ohio State University with a BS in Dairy Technology & Industrial Management, a minor in Industrial Engineering, and a Commission in the US Army as a Second Lieutenant.

He spent two years of active duty in Germany with the US Army Quarter Masters and returned to LaGrange with the rank of Captain. Following this, he returned to work in 1968 at Sunshine Farms Dairy, later becoming the part owner of Sunshine Farms & Convenient Food Marts (renamed ConSun Food Industries, Inc).

Dennis was an active Board Member with the North East Ohio Dairy Technology Society, Ohio Dairy Products, and Midwest Dairy Products Associations for 39 years. He held positions of either President or Board Chairman of these Associations 12 times. He started his twenty-first year as a Keystone School Board Member holding positions of Vice President and Board President.

He also grain farms 420 acres. 

Dennis has been married to Jayne for forty-three years. They have two children: John and Melissa. John graduated from Keystone in 1996 and is married to Keystone Elementary Teacher Jenna.They have two children, Ashleigh and Brayden, who both attend Keystone Elementary. Dennis & Jayne's daughter Melissa graduated from Akron University in 2012 as a Pediatric Nurse Practioner. She is married to Ronald Wheeler and they have a son, Grayson.