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Kohler, James, Principal
Gibson, Gina, Assistant Principal
Gregory, Char, Secretary
Pinto, Kathy, Secretary


Wacker, Kevin, Art Teacher

Business / Computers / Technology

Habenicht, Tom, Business/Computers
Morgan, Gregory, CBIP Coordinator

English / Language Arts

Gillam, Alison, Language Arts Teacher
Hogue, Michael, Language Arts Teacher
Perhot, Paula, Communications Coordinator/Language Arts Teacher
Tuttle, Phil, Language Arts Teacher

Foreign Language

Catanzarito, Andrea, Spanish Teacher
Galletti, Jennifer, Spanish Teacher


Morgan, Barbara, District Psychologist
Redd, Meghann, School Counselor
Schwedt, Alyssa, School Counselor

Health / Physical Ed.

Broad, Bruce, Health & Physical Education
Heffernan, Shannon, Family and Consumer Science Teacher

Intervention Specialists

Abfall, Tracy, Intervention Specialist
Griswold, Kara, Intervention Specialist
McConnell, Frances, Speech-Language Pathologist
Morris, Dawn, Intervention Specialist
Robinson, Sarah, Intervention Specialist
Rodriquez, Natalie, Intervention Specialist


Gagnon, Lynn, District Librarian & Information Specialist


Clarico, Rob, Math Teacher
Clarico, Tracy, Math Teacher
Crabtree, Adam, Math Teacher
Tesny, Leah, Math Teacher


Benzin, Brett, KHS/KMS Instrumental Music
Pearce, Bethany, KHS/KMS Vocal Music Teacher


Fehlan-Jones, Jennifer, Science Teacher
Jones, Jr., David, Science Teacher
Stratton, Nicole, Science Teacher
Szczepanik, Mary, Science Teacher

Social Studies / History

Griswold, Don, Social Studies Teacher
Holzhauer, Jeff, Social Studies Teacher
Schuster, Scott, Social Studies Teacher
Vondruska, Chris, Social Studies Teacher

Special Education

Compton, Michelle, Paraprofessional
DoveDeal, Kari, Paraprofessional
Manning, Christine, Special Needs Paraprofessional


Turner, Mark, School Resource LaGrange Police Officer