Want to Know Wednesdays

At Keystone, one of our main priorities is to encourage two-way communication between our parents, students, and stakeholders.  To foster this, we are now publishing a video question-and-answer series named "Want to Know Wednesdays."  Every Wednesday, Superintendent Franco Gallo will answer a question from the community in a brief video format.

Please send questions to .  The general guidelines for submitting questions are as follows:

  • Address topics that are relevant to the community, parents, and/or students as a whole.
  • Questions related to specific schools should be directed to the building principal.
  • Matters relating to personal or personnel issues will not be addressed.
  • Matters relating to personal student issues (including disciplinary actions, academics, extracurricular activities, sports, etc.) will not be addressed.
  • Appropriate language must be used.

Questions will be answered in a prompt manner, with preference given to questions that adhere to the guidelines.

In this week's video, Mr. Gallo discusses Developmental Disabilities Awareness month.

Archived Videos

To view videos from the 2016-2017 school year, click here: Superintendent's Weekly Q & A Videos 2016-2017