Want to Know Wednesdays

At Keystone, one of our main priorities is to encourage two-way communication between our parents, students, and stakeholders.  To foster this, we are now publishing a video question-and-answer series named "Want to Know Wednesdays."  Every Wednesday, Superintendent Franco Gallo will answer a question from the community in a brief video format.

Please send questions to .  The general guidelines for submitting questions are as follows:

  • Address topics that are relevant to the community, parents, and/or students as a whole.
  • Questions related to specific schools should be directed to the building principal.
  • Matters relating to personal or personnel issues will not be addressed.
  • Matters relating to personal student issues (including disciplinary actions, academics, extracurricular activities, sports, etc.) will not be addressed.
  • Appropriate language must be used.

Questions will be answered in a prompt manner, with preference given to questions that adhere to the guidelines.

In this week's video, Superintendent Franco Gallo interviews Keystone's record-breaking girls basketball player McKenah Peters.

Use the following link to download it to your computer.

Wednesday Q & A 09/07/2016 Wednesday Q & A 09/07/2016 (191815 KB)